6 Mar 2011

Why I'm thankful for Long Tall Sally

Last summer I was in a bar with a group of friends who were between 5ft and 5ft 3". I felt like a giant, when realistically at 5ft 7" I'm in the horrible inbetweeny category of not tall but not average either and this makes finding the correct proportions of trousers and jeans very tricky indeed. Especially if you want to wear heels, as all your trousers end up looking as though you choose to buy half-masts. If truth be told I measure a 33 inch leg which means standard jeans and trousers are too short and I end up buying long length options hoping they'll shrink just enough for me to wear the correct length! It's very rare that I can find somewhere that stocks the exact leg length.

Long Tall Sally are fabulous. They cater for and are the specialist brand for the taller woman with items of clothing that are proportioned well (unlike some 'tall' version clothes on the high street that just had a few inches of material slung in the bottom without consideration for any other body part). Their 34" leg jeans are just perfect for my night out glamorous heels.

This just goes to prove that although their main market is ladies 5ft 8" and above, they still cater for little inbetweenies like me :)

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