15 Mar 2011

Growing old disgracefully...and I LOVE it!

Since I was fifteen I have been captivated by the style of one Deborah Harry.

From her faded band tees to her glam rock, glittery one shoulder dresses, I love it all! Her just-rolled-out-of-bed chic was what made her popular with both men and women. Men thought she was sexy but low maintenance and women loved her thrown together sex appeal. Her outfits have always complimented her personality perfectly and both her and her clothing choices can be summed up perfectly with one word – unpredictable.

Thirty years on and she is still a style icon. My favourite thing about her is that she's (as my mam puts it) "growing old disgracefully". That doesn't sound too complimentary but it is and that's how my mam and I want to be too. I'll explain myself...all we mean is that age doesn't interfere with how you want to be or dress and she's obviously not self-conscious or caring much what people think she should wear at her age. After all, why should you stop having fun with your look just because the years are rolling by?  You shouldn't!

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