9 Mar 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, today has been a strange day so far. I had a job interview which seemed to go well and was actually quite enjoyable. The less enjoyable part was knowing that I got told today so everytime my phone was buzzing I was almost having a cardiac arrest. Unfortunately, they chose someone already doing that role somewhere else. Grrrr, how about internal applications only? Back to the drawing board...

The other slightly distracting thing is that I have a disgusting cold that has totally come out of nowhere. Saturday I was fine and then since Sunday I've been getting progressively more sniffly and sick  which probably didn't sound too impressive in the interview this morning. I'll blame the cold if I don't get picked haha.

I think when you're waiting for news of any variety it can be very distracting indeed. Things that you intend to get on with seem not to get done somehow and then if you don't get the news you want the whole day seems wasted. Mind you, a few book reviews I'm doing have kept my mind on something other than employment so it wasn't a complete loss.

Have you had any big news (good or bad) that you've been waiting on recently? I'd love to know I'm not the only one or to share your successes :)

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