20 Jul 2010

Toning Crisis + Reebok Easytone = SORTED!

I've certainly done my research about these things as I'm someone who is a) Lazy and doesn't bother with exercise and b) doesn't want to get mugged off by products that are style over substance. However I'm prepared to say I'm a changed woman thanks to the kindness of a friend.

A friend who had recently purchased these wonderful creations lent me them whilst she was on holiday so I could prepare for my own beachtastic experience. As I've already said, I HATE exercise. It bores me and apart from the odd walk round the block I cannot be interested by or pestered with sport. Like most people I know, my greatest wish is to be a toned, bronzed goddess by the 1st June every year but it never seems to happen. On first sight of these trainers I was unsure, mainly because aesthetically I'm usually more of a Converse girl for trainers. However, the Reebok Easytones are a lot prettier then the other versions by other brands which look more like corrective shoes.

The science:

There are two 'pods' that are on the ball and sole of the shoe intended to create an unstable surface so your legs have to compensate to balance creating your muscles to adapt and therefore tone up. Reebok have offered up these figures (below) as the statistics for the average increased muscle activation:-

28% Gluteus Maximus
11% Hamstring
11% calves

Tilly Terminology:

Reebok Easytone maximises the effort you're putting in like when you have a walk on the beach, so even a casual walk will benefit you more than it would in your normal footwear AND they are super-duper comfy.

So, it was with great regret I had to return them to said friend when she got back :( and now I'm saving for my own! They're quite expensive but at the same time when you put it down to a cost-per-wear ratio it's only going to turn out to be pennies and it's all for a good cause!