11 Aug 2010

To Ugg or not to Ugg...?

Uggs have quite honestly always been something I struggle with. Well the classic ones anyways.They look so practical and comfortable and are admittedly very versatile, but I’ve always been someone who prefers something more unusual on my feet and I can’t help but feel like I’m surrounded by Ugg clones a lot of the time. That’s why thus far, I’ve held back on the craze...oh...and besides that I’m skint!

Yet, everybody I know has them and loves them, and I’ve gotta admit they do look really good whether it be with a denim mini or jeans. I even bought some cheapy similar ones a few winters ago when I was at uni just to pull on when I rolled out of bed every morning but they were nothing like the quality of the real ugg, plus when I put them on I felt like I was wearing imitation Uggs which is EXACTLY what I was doing. Shameful.

However, I believe I’ve found a compromise...namely the Ugg Smithfields. They look more like regular boots but with the Ugg quality and comfort factor. Just need my birthday money at the end of the week and I’ll be heading straight to the checkout! I'm smitten with these Smithfields, and for those unsure of losing their 'Ugg virginity' just yet, I'm sure you'll be persuaded after you have seen these!