19 Aug 2010

A-Levels - a true story.

I hope that for those of you receiving A-Level results today, it has been a positive day for you. If it hasn't, I promise it's not the end of the world. How do I know that? My results were RUBBISH.

Firstly, here's a bit of background. I was a good student at school and came out of my comprehensive school with a decent set of grades. However this was not the case the next couple of years as boys and parties became the dominating feature in my life and I got a bit carried away. Needless to say, I came out with a U, N, E and E. As you might have noticed, it spells UNEE (like Uni) but I thought I wasn't going to get a place there thanks to my mini disaster.

Moral: Although in a perfect world we would all get top marks, it's not a massive deal if we don't. I was offered a place at my local uni, Teesside University (which is a great uni AND Times Higher Education - University of the Year) doing a different course to the once I'd applied for but a place there nonetheless.

My route ended up being: HND Social Sciences and BSc Criminology. I squished them both into 4 years and ended up with a 2:1! So I feel I'm living proof that A-Levels are not the be-all-and-end-all.