2 Jul 2010

I want to go here so much it hurts...

Vintage at Goodwood is set to be one of the greatest events of the year and I'm super jealous of everyone that's going. It just so happens that it starts on my birthday to add salt to the wound and I can't imagine many things better than dressing up on your birthday and going around such a sophisticated and special place. Unfortunately I'm massively skint so unfortunately it's not going to happen this year.

To all of you who are going have a fabulous time and please tell me all about it. To all of you who aren't and are currently sulking like me we need to think of a way to have our own elegant fun in the sun so here are a few ideas combining the key elements of the festival:

Get down to your local gigs wherever they may be, dressed up in your best vintage gear and drink old school drinks. Failing that, add your favourite tracks from the likes of Sandie Shaw, Paloma Faith, Martha Reeves etc to your ipod and go on a road trip (avec sunglasses and neck scarf).

 Shop at your favourite local vintage/vintage inspired boutiques online or on the streets of your home town. Some of my favourites are The House of Avalon and Prettyful Things. Treat yourself to something fabulous as though you are perusing the lovely stalls at Goodwood!

Hit a local gallery. I plan to go to Artsbank, a fabulous new gallery in Saltburn which has a huge variety of art. I've been twice already and can't wait to rush back to see some new additions.

It's time to get crafty guys and gals. There are loads of crafts groups around the country and or online. Check out YouTube; Etsy; Folksy etc for projects for beginner to advanced!

Self explanatory. Sling on a DVD or get yourself to the cinema or theatre. My films of choice will be Roman Holiday, The Sweetest Thing, My Girl, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Now and Then and Amelie. What will yours be?

Bake goodies! There are lots of lovely recipes online at UKTV Food so get your pinny on (make it a cute retro one) and become a domestic goddess for the weekend. You could even have a tea party and make all sorts of goodies for your friends, hang up bunting and drink out of china cups with saucers (tea always tastes best out of china cups doesn't it?!)

So that's my selection of ideas for none vintage festival goers. I hope you like them and manage to do some of them too. Who knows what little gems you may turn up on your hunt for vintage goodness? If you have any suggestions, please post them for other people.

Let me know how your own Vintage at ...(INSERT PLACE NAME HERE)............. turns out.

Tilly x

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