8 Apr 2011

My news...

Today, my fiance and I got the keys to our first house together. It's in the area where I've spent all my life up to now and its a great little family house. It's a project for sure (needs a re-wire, plastering etc etc) so it's going to be ages before we can decorate, let alone move in but I'm ECSTATIC.

The renovation part is the expensive, confusing and boring part (for me anyways) but I'm so excited for the decorating. I have always wanted to fill my home with handmade, homemade and recycled oddities and great finds. If anyone wants to donate a something in the vein of retro/kitsch style stuff to Chez Randomchatter get in touch :) I'll be only too happy to blog/tweet etc in return about your fabulous wares and general kindness.

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