2 Apr 2011

Most lusted after item....Week 1

I NEEEEED a Mac 217 make-up brush. I've been watching a lot of Lisa Eldridge make up tutorials (if you  haven't seen them then follow my link now) and a lot of the looks she demonstrates require a  Mac 217 blending brush.

COURTESY OF http://www.mac.co.uk/

This brush doesn't look very 'amazing', it just looks like any other blending brush but the quality of Mac products is continued from their cosmentics through into their make up tools. This brush retails at £15 but it'll be a staple in your make up bag and when you work it out on a cost per use basis it'll be pennies! Get yours here.

The point I'm (eventually) getting to is that make up brushes are so important to your beauty regime. Every time I watch one of Lisa's videos I am so very jealous of her make up and brush collection. Her advice includes items for all price ranges, showing that great looks don't always have to come at a huge price but sometimes you do get what you pay for.

So if I win the lottery I'll be getting a vast selection of brushes and painting my face all day. Thats the inital plan anyways...

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