8 Feb 2011

Mavala - a true classic

Today I received the Woodland Collection by Mavala. A range of 6, nicely sized bottles of nail varnish in Marron Glace (greige); Dark Brown; Cedar Green; New Dehli (pinky,berry red); Onyx (plum purple) and Black Cherry. RRP £25, which I think is amazing value for great on trend colours. The beauty of petite bottles is that a) you probably run out as the trend changes if you're a follower of fashion and b) they are probably empty before they end up gloopy and useless!

I have put the Black Cherry one on straight away and it's a glossy, fairly quick drying, quality nail varnish.

I know it looks black but it's not and in real life you can tell it's a dark purple. Promise!

I honestly have no patience when it comes to nail varnish drying even though I absolutely love having my nails painted so the speedy drying time suits me down to the ground. You would think I would have got used to stopping and leaving my nails to dry a bit before doing something else but I never ever learn! I'm always fidgeting and just when I think its set I'll knock it and ruin all my hard work. Shame on me. I think the great glossy finish makes it look expensive and doesn't necessarily need a top coat. One less layer to wait to dry! Tilly like!

This was the first time I'd heard of Mavala but my understanding is that they have been around for decades. I would definitely like to try more of their products in the future if these are anything to go by!

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