16 Feb 2011

Barbara Daly Hand Serum. A little bottle of hand care miracle!

'Helping Hands' by Barbara Daly is (as it says on the box) a "one drop wonder".  
Picture courtesy of tesco.com

Tesco says: "This revolutionary non-sticky treatment serum delivers a cocktail of moisturising, soothing and protective ingredients which helps to reduce dryness and diminish the appearance of fine lines. It leaves the skin feeling incredibly smooth with a soft satiny sheen."

I found that one pump of the product was the perfect amount to massage into both my hands so it lasts for a very long time - mine looks like I've barely made a dent in it!
When first applied, the serum smelt floral, but massaging the product into the skin released citrussy notes. My hands and nails were left feeling silky and appeared nourished immediately after application.
RRP £6.75  A great value buy!

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