3 Apr 2013

Yull want 'em all!

Vintage inspired and shoes are two of my favourite things so I was OVERJOYED when I happened upon Yull. If you do one favour for yourself this week it will be to take a peek at their beautiful creations which, by the way, are made in our very own Great Britain! The 'Chartwell' is available in a selection of colours - mustard, pink and blue - has white piping detail around the foot and a white toe.

Image taken from www.yull.co.uk

I'm a big 'Mad Men' nut and with the latest series hurtling towards us at high speed (I cannot wait) I've been inspired to channel my 'inner Jonie' and plan to invest in these affordable beauties. These are a total classic. Looked after properly, they will last you for years and years to come.  I would team it with this sort of look:

 Image taken from www.chicagotribune.com

Teamed with some seamed stockings, feline black liquid eyeliner, a perfect pout and a Lulu Guiness bag I know most of us would feel pretty pleased with ourselves. The 'Chartwell' collection are, at time of blogging) only £75 - amazingly cheap for the crafting involved. If you compared them to something that you would be offered on the High Street, I find it hard to believe that you could find many things comparable with the value of these.

Conversely, I would be just as happy in skinny jeans and Yull's very own Fulham Boots.
Image taken from www.yull.co.uk

With our long winter showing little sign of changing into a scorching spring/summer anytime soon, it's still all about layering up. Boots like these can see you through the whole year really. Whilst they would look great with jeans and chunky cardigans or leather jackets, they would look just as fabulous with a floral dress to add a bit of an edge. I've found an image (below) that I feel brings together similar ideas and shows how well they can work. Chic, elegant but still a bit edgy - perfection. The Fulham boot is currently £90 - again, very competitive for boots, and possibly unfairly cheap considering the design and materials. I guess the only thing to do is pick some of these beautiful shoes and figure out which way you'll wear them today?

Image taken from www.popsugar.com

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