16 Oct 2012

Take a bow Julian Hakes

Julian Hakes has pushed shoe design a little further recently with his 'Mojito' shoe.

Picture taken from www.schuh.com

I am absolutely fascinated by the architecture of them proven by the fact I've been staring at this picture for the last ten minutes. It's the first pair of shoes I've been blown away by for quite some time and although it may not be the usual style I would expect myself to be drawn to, I kinda want to give them a go.

Each of these shoes are made from a single piece of fibre glass which supports each end of the foot whilst twisting around the middle. The insides are leather lined for finish, and presumably comfort.

If you try them or buy them, please do let me know what they're like. Until then, I will be hunting around in branches of Schuh to try and have a go myself!

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