23 Jun 2012

So little spare time...

I've realised the power of multi-tasking recently due to athe time pressures of a full time job, keeping a home and organising a wedding. I've also re-visted the useful past-time of 'power-napping' mainly in a completely by accident type of way. Take for instance last night, I was thinking what the best route was to deliver my invites when all of a sudden I woke up to find I'd had a disco nap for 20 minutes. I felt tons better and actually had a really productive evening so I guess all is well that ends well.

I've also remembered what it's like to procrastinate. When I was at uni I would rather have cleaned every surface in our house than revised or met deadlines. This time round it's a wedding and I want to read a book I've just found myself immersed in. Fortunately I've found the willpower to stop to do important things like post invites, arrange flowers and hair appointments and clean the bathroom but it's been soooo tempting.

Everything is pretty much in place for the wedding now and I'm really excited. The only thing that I wish could be different is the fact that my best friend and I are probably no longer friends. But then, c'est la vie!? One thing I've learnt is you can't control what other people say or do and you can only be the best person you can be and treat people how you would want to be treat. The rest will look after itself.

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