21 Jul 2014

A mum-to-be saying goodbye to long nails assisted by Clyppi.

Having always been a lady who loves having long nails, times are changing as I prepare for motherhood. What has been practical for the first thirty years of my life now won't 'cut it' ( accidental pun but I thought I'd go with it) and whilst my nails will never be truly short, I have to admit defeat and think what will be sensible for baba and I. Painting my nails and looking after my hands with nice hand creams has always been a simple pleasure and I've always received compliments about my nails which I guess makes you take more notice and care. Need proof? I'm constantly posting pictures of my newly pampered nails on Twitter and Instagram. Now that I'm only a matter of weeks from having my first baby, I know from a practical/ safe point-of-view that my nails will have to be shorter from here on out unless I want baba to look like they've tangled with Wolverine. I know shorter nails don't have to be less glamorous, in fact I'd say a lot of dark nail varnish and current nail trends actually look classier on short nails but it'll just be a change from the norm for me.

( Excuse my veiny hand but it's been really warm hasn't it? Here are my nails pre-Clyppi.)

Three years ago, I bought some nail clippers from a well know chemist chain which weren't cheap and sadly tore my nails up. Ever since, I've been on the hunt for some simple but effective clippers that would give me the finish I wanted. When I happened upon the opportunity to try 'Clyppi Nail Clippers' I thought I'd give them a go and see if they lived up to their promise. The claim? "A Lifetime Guarantee  - an ultra cool precision tool for the trendy, stylish and well groomed." Well, as I mentioned before, I like my nails to be well groomed...


 These clippers actually surpassed my expectations. They are really sharp and cut through my nails with ease. This was particularly impressive because my thumb nails are very strong and are usually really difficult to cut and they made light work of them. My nails were left with only a few rough edges to file which was in high contrast to any other clippers I've used before. I got my husband to try them and said he thought they were better than any nail clippers or scissors he has used in the past. Two converts in one household! Below is a picture of my nails after minimal filing.

Faults? None. If I'm desperate to find something, there is a small nail file as a feature on the handle part of the clipper which will do the job, but I'm still a crystal nail file kind of gal. Having said that, the file would be useful for small shaping needs or if you were on holiday and didn't want to pack lots of things. These clippers are very compact so they're handy to transport about wherever you'd need to take them.

The price is really competitive, especially for the quality - they're made from stainless steel and as I said before, they have a lifetime guarantee! Currently available on Amazon here for £10.97  (and FREE UK delivery!)

I'm very impressed by these clippers and would recommend them to everyone. Don't waste your money on weak ones like I did in the first place. Just do yourself a favour and get these - it's a no-brainer.


(I agreed to review these for Clyppi and these were sent for me to try, but, as always, these are my honest opinions.)

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