20 May 2014

Haworth 1940's Weekend

This weekend, my mam, grandma's and I went to the fabulous Haworth 1940's Weekend. We went for the full day on the Sunday and were blessed enough to have red hot weather. We drove - just under a couple of hours in the car for us Teessiders - and the place was already buzzing when we got there.


It was a bit awkward to find a parking space initially as parking places were quickly filling up and you were already heading down a tight road before you found the car park was full, however, we soon found a space and headed over to the park nearest to where we were, which was full of lovely stalls and an already bustling beer tent. I was impressed with how many people had gotten into the spirit and dressed up. Many looked like they came year on year in their beautiful chosen ensembles, pristine forces uniforms, tailoring and parasols  - it really seemed like you'd stepped back in time. People held themselves differently and seemed to speak and act in a more gentile manner. Everyone seemed so elegant and refined with beaming smiles, dancing and music everywhere we went that day. My Grandma's remarked that although people had just endured another awful World War at this time, the spirit was a positive one, captured and reflected well by the Haworth Weekender. Chin up and crack on. I think we could all learn from that attitude today, but sadly some people don't seem to know how to help themselves or one another in the same way anymore. 

Most of the businesses that were open had adopted a 1940's theme, menu or costume to get "In The Mood" (see what I did there?)  My favourite shop was Rose & Co Apothecary. They sell bath products in the shape of sugar mice and cupcakes and gentleman's shaving products amongst tons of other stunning gifts and treats, but my absolute favourite part was the bit stocking the ever fabulous Stop Staring dresses. They're not cheap but they're beautifully designed and made, and really fit with the vintage revival we all love so much. I'm saving for one when I'm out of my preggy clothes - I'm just gutted they don't do maternity or kids wear! 

We relaxed on a bench whilst a chap sang and played trumpet on the back of an army truck. This picture by a nice bloke called Jason Bowers was of this lovely part of the day!

One of the nicest people we encountered that day was a nurse who was dressed as a WW2 nurse. She spent a while chit-chatting with us and telling us some really interesting stuff about her uniform and  adjustments that were made from the original uniform in WW1. I could have listened to her all day. 

Hopefully we'll go back for this wonderful weekend next year. I would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone.

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