30 Aug 2013

Fun at work - is it a sin or should it be encouraged?

I happen to have the best work colleagues in the entire world. They're the hardest working bunch of people but at the same time, even under immense pressure, we still all have a laugh.

Recently, we were 'advised' that the fun should maybe not be so visible which I was a bit cross about. After all, if you're still working hard whilst chatting or laughing why should it matter? I would understand if we were stood chatting and doing nothing productive...

The point of all this is that I would much rather go into a workplace where people enjoyed themselves and where work got done rather than seeing people looking down-trodden and demoralised. Morale counts for a lot in any workplace, but especially in a high-pressure environment! Just look at google headquarters for instance?! When did the fun police make smiling and laughing illegal? 

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