24 Jun 2010

Heroes and a brass band.

Today I went to watch the Yorkshire Regiment parade and although I disagree with war I'm not ashamed to say I welled up a bit with pride. There was such a good turn out for them and I'm so glad because those troops are prepared to give their lives for their cause and it would be slightly tragic for us not to be able to give a couple of hours for them.

The other thing I loved was the brass band. When I was at school I was in the band with some of my best friends and I LOVED IT. There's never really been a feeling I can compare to the time we played at London's Royal Festival Hall. It was a mixture of being nervous, excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. What a buzz. Before the troops marched along with their own band, the sounds of the Squadronnaires could be heard. Lovely old tunes like that really transport you back to more gentle, well mannered times.


How cute are The Andrews Sisters?

I'd love to have lived then, if purely just for the fashion. People really made a lot of effort with everything back in the day. Once someone builds a time machine, I'm off!

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