19 Oct 2010

How gorgeous are these shoes??? Uber Gorgeous!


How classically beautiful are these shoes? I think I sorta need them...but then I sorta need the £70 that they cost too...FAIL. Shoe fail to be precise.

These babies are the Asha View Wine Leather Heels from Clarks. I just love the way they'd embrace your feet and flatter any leg shape by elongating your leg. *sigh* They're a great on-trend heel height and they looks fashionable and practical all at once. And of course they're leather so they won't make your feet all sweaty and minging. God, there's just not a negative...

I recommend to you to get some now! I'll just sit and be quietly jealous and admire from afar. Unless someone is feeling super duper generous that is...

OH MY GOODNESS. Later tonight I found out I won  £50 Clarks voucher. The shoe Gods must be smiling on me :)

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